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Jessica Roder lives in Dorset, UK and studied photography at the Arts University Bournemouth from 1994-1997. She has been a photographer for over twenty years and in that time has worked on various different projects from fine art and textile design, to erotica and portraiture.

Jessica has worked primarily on three erotic projects: Self Portraits 2007, The Boudoir series 2008-09, when she was encouraged to expand her portfolio beyond that of a series of self-portraits and her third Sexual Intimacy between couples in 2011-15.

None of the willing participants have been professional models. Jessica does little in the way of direction, as she feels that destroys the spontaneity of the moment and only works with natural light on location as opposed to a studio. Her aim has been to capture the natural sexiness of women whether dressed up in lingerie or naked and the honesty, beauty and eroticism of lovemaking, without those images appearing pornographic.

Jessica had a solo, touring exhibition from 1997 to 1999, has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and had a retrospective solo exhibition at the Photographers Lounge in 2011. She won the Erotic Review Books Photographer of the year in 2008. Her work has been published in a number of books: Tilly Johnson’s Pillow Book 2006, The Erotic Review’s Photographer of the year prize 2008, Jessica Roder Through a Glass Darkly, Pictures of Myself and Others 2009 and Erotic Art of Today, volume 5, 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: Many images shown on Jessica’s website omit clients faces at the request of their anonymity and not because the face is purposely cropped. Jessica is no longer working with couples or single men.